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Our starting Hub

Server 1

Corona hasn't been easy for all of us. People lost connection with the school and it's surroundings.

Due to this need, a small team of students and a teacher started to recreate our campus in Minecraft, to serve as a hub to start all your Minecraft adventures.

Feel free to explore your favourite places before hopping on to one of the other serves!


Survival Server

Server 2

Build, survive, explore and conquer. Our Survival server is the place to be if you want to play basic Minecraft.

Explore the Nether, gear up to slay the Ender dragon and trade with other players.

Every player starts with 3 homes and a set number of claimblocks, every hour played results in more blocks to strengthen your hold on the world!

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Skyblock Server

Server 3

Survival not challenging enough? Hop on to our Skyblock server to be challenged even more!

You start with a small island and limited resources. Intelligent resource management, trading and creative design will determine who survives and becomes successful!

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